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Hand Raised Lorikeets

Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), sometimes simply called Bettas, are those pretty fish you often see swimming all alone in tiny bowls at pet stores and carnivals. They're highly aggressive and territorial but strikingly beautiful, seemingly disposable the way they're often treated and kept, but they have ...


Cockatiels Australian parrot that are generally regarded as good pets or companion parrots, having a sweet demeanour. Like most other pets, the manner in which the animal is raised, handled, and kept has a profound effect on temperament. Some birds are quite gregarious and sociable while others can be shy, retreating to the back of the cage when an unfamiliar figure appears. If handled often and if they have a patient owner, cockatiels will become tame very quickly compared to some of the other parrot species.

Lorikeets are a very playful intelligent Parakeet. They make wonderful pets. Lorikeets are nectar eaters. They have a diet of special wet and dry mix and Fruit.

Siamese Fighters

Redcliffe Feed And Grain is Situated on Deception Bay Road Near The Windmill. We supply well known  brand names of produce. Jenco,Allora Grain & Milling,Barastoc,KFC Milling, Lauke Mills.

We have a range of chook and chicken food, Horse food, Dog & cat food, Dog & Cat treats ,Guinea Pig Mix, Rat Food also a range of different bird seed mixes, Fish Food. 

We also supply Garden Potting mix and fertilisers and Mulch and weed killers. We have a range of pet acessories for all you pets needs.

Phone 07 32030884

Email info@redcliffefeedandgrain.com.au


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