A disinfectant for use in hydrobaths, dog washing machines, kennels, catteries, aviaries, stables, and as a general wall and floor disinfection. Pleasant mint fragrance. Economical and effective. Available in 5L and 20L packs.


SKU: 9322426005850
  • Dilute at a rate of 100mL per 1L of water. Remove as much surface dirt as possible. Scrub Fido’s Hydrobath Flush and Kennel Cleaner onto surface. Wait and wash off after 5 minutes.

  • Active: 7.7g/l benzalkonium chloride

    0.77% Benzalkonium Chloride, linear alcohol ethoxylate, colour, fragrance

Redcliffe Feed And Grain is Situated on Deception Bay Road Near The Windmill. We supply well known  brand names of produce. Jenco,Allora Grain & Milling,Barastoc,KFC Milling, Lauke Mills.

We have a range of chook and chicken food, Horse food, Dog & cat food, Dog & Cat treats ,Guinea Pig Mix, Rat Food also a range of different bird seed mixes, Fish Food. 

We also supply Garden Potting mix and fertilisers and Mulch and weed killers. We have a range of pet acessories for all you pets needs.

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